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Osakikamijima Mega Solar Power Plant IED

Started by teeratum123, Jun 27, 2019, 05:55 PM

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Osakikamijima Mega Solar Power Plant
First Foreign Developer to Develop and Close a Solar Project in Japan
We pioneer solar projects across Asia, becoming the first foreign developer to develop and close a solar project in Japan under non-recourse project financing by October 2013. Our first solar development in Japan, Osakikamijima Mega Solar Power Plant in Hiroshima prefecture, successfully achieved its commercial operation in January 2015.  solar farm

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The solar farm was established in Osakikamijima as a viable energy solution for the local community and stakeholders
The solar farm was established in Osakikamijima as a viable energy solution for the local community and stakeholders. Osakikamijima has a community of 8,000 people, mostly fishermen and farmers. It is arguably one of Japan's most beautiful islands and just a 20 minute ferry ride from Hiroshima city.

The project is driven by IES' vision for connectivity, transparency and responsible development. The project's output provides ample power for the islanders' needs and is equally profitable for investors and stakeholders. The construction phase of the project provided steady employment for 200 local people and IES has continued to hire local employees for the project's operations phase. As part of IES' commitment to enhance the island, we have provided fertile grounds for the islanders to cultivate a fruit orchard, established a learning center and built a bicycle trail for public use. renewable energy

Today, the solar power plant provides an alternative means of energy to the prefecture's grid, enabling the community at large to enjoy the all benefits of solar energy. IED
Mukawa Mega Solar Power Plant

A Large-scaled Solar Project of 22 MW
IES continues to develop large scale solar projects, namely the 22 MW Mukawa Mega Solar Power Plant, located in a hilly terrain in Mukawa Town, southern part of Hokkaido prefecture, currently at advanced development stage. renewable energy

Bolstered by the cooperation of both local authority and neighboring community, the project has acquired all necessary permits and is scheduled to reach commercial operation by 1 August 2018.

The project is worth approximately JPY 9,300 million, which involves the deployment of polycrystalline panels in an area of 340,000 sq.m., while electricity could be generated up to 23 million units per year, simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions by 12,000 tons per year. IED
Monsoon Wind Power
600 MW Sekong and Attapue, Lao PDR

Flagship Wind Power Development in ASEAN
IES has been assisting Impact Energy Asia Limited (IEA) to develop a 600 MW Monsoon Wind Power Project in Southern Laos. The estimate of project cost is USD 1.3 billion. The project is targeted to reach commercial operation by 2021. With the capacity of 600 MW, the project is recognized as the largest wind farm in ASEAN and it could save CO2 emissions by 34 million tons throughout the project lifetime.

First and most advanced wind power development in Laos
IEA has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Lao Government (GOL) in November 2011 to exclusively conduct first of its kind large scale wind project feasibility study. In 2015, following more than three years of wind measurement and a feasibility study conducted by reputational wind expert, IEA has entered into a Project Development Agreement (PDA) with GOL, granting an exclusive right to develop the first wind power project in Laos. Regarding the development progress, the engineering design and wind turbine technology are supported by one of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer while multilateral development banks indicated their funding support to the project. solar farm

Strategic Location - ASEAN's Clean Power Hub
The project is located on a 1,200 meter elevation plateau of Southern Lao, along the main highway connecting Ubon Ratchatani (Thailand) to Danang (Vietnam); strategically located among Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.  The area is one of the country's least development and most heavily bombed area during Indo-China conflict.   The project can provide ample opportunities for the country and local community by boosting job creation and improving quality of life.

Synergy in generation as wind energy generates mostly during dry season and hydro power generates in wet season.  As wind and hydro complement each other well, transmission is better utilized; hence, the concept yields stable power supply and cheaper to transmit electricity for a longer distance. The project when combining with hydro can distribute renewable energy competitively to other ASEAN nations and can fulfill Lao's ambition as "Battery of Asia" as well as ASEAN clean energy grid ambition.
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solar farm https://www.solarhk.co

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